How are these figures made?

All of our figures are painstakingly created using 3D modeling software and printed using a special 3D printer.  Then each one is carefully and diligently painted by hand!  None of our figures are produced en masse in a factory.

Depending upon the size of each figure and the number being produced, it can take anywhere between 4 to 8 days to produce a single figure.

Why are these ones so expensive?  The average price for a figure on eBay is $25 to $40 

Please bear in mind that all those figures are often made by the thousands using large machines that pump them out at a very fast rate.  At the same time, they also need to ensure that they sell as many copies as possible, so rather than aiming at pleasing a specific geek / niche market, they aim their products at the mass market.

Our figures are all handmade and homemade using 3D printers. The majority of the finer work is done by hand, such as the sanding and painting of the models.  In addition, the production number is quite small, so you end up owning an extremely unique product that very few people have – and this allows us to offer something that these places can’t – produce specialised figured with a bit of a geeky or sexy extra.

Sure you may be able to find a Babs figure on eBay (though they don’t make new ones anymore of her) but it won’t be Babs dressed as a gondolier from the movie “How I spent my Summer Vacation!”  And who knows, maybe you will be lucky enough to find a Vanilla The Rabbit figurines (though it is very unlikely as these manufacturers rarely produce figurines of such minor characters).  However, that figure will never likely be as sexy as ours will – as we are able to add those ‘special proportions’ that some people like to see on their favorite figures.

These are but two examples! Perhaps there are just very few people that think Amy Rose  is sexy enough to have a lingerie version of her or want a sexy nude of Cure Twinkle.  As we only make a few of each kind, we can make one that is closer to your dream.  We can make it happen – so contact us today!

How often do you ship out your products? 

We ship out our orders every Friday.  As soon as the packages are sent out, we will immediately email our customers the tracking number(s) for their package(s).


¿Cómo son hechas estas figuras?

Las figuras son modeladas en 3D, impresas en impresora 3D y pintadas a mano, dependiendo del tamaño de la figura y la cantidad, nos toma de 4 a 8 días producirla.


¿Porque sigue siendo un poco costoso? el precio promedio de una figura en ebay es de 25 a 40 dolares.

Debes tener en cuenta que esas figuras estan hechas por miles con grandes maquinas que las producen muy rapidamente, por esa rason ellos necesitan vender tantas copias como sean posibles asi que ellos no hacen productos muy específicos para pequeños fandoms. nuestras figuras son hechas con impresoras caseras, y trabajadas a mano, por eso nuestra produccion es muy limitada, cuando compres una figura tendras un único producto que poquísimas personas tendrán,  y por esa razón podemos hacer algo que ellos no pueden, producir figuras especiales con un toque nerd o sexy,  por ejemplo podrías comprar una figura de Babs Bunny (ya no las producen), pero no encontraras una versión de babs como la gondolera de la pelicula “Como pase mis vacaciones”, otro ejemplo,  podrias querer una vigura de Vanilla the rabbit (no fabrican figuras de personajes secundarios,  pero aunque lo hicieran…)  pero jamas encontraras una figura de Vanilla con las proporciones sexys que usamos.  esto es solo un ejemplo y de como podemos hacer cosas especiales, ellos necesitan producir para vender en miles, pero nosotros no, quizas solo existan pocas personas que quieran una figura de Amy Rose en lenceria,  pero nosotros no tenemos la necesidad de producir tantas copias,  y eso es lo que nos hace especiles