White Unicorn (2024 lot PREORDER, read notes)

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7 Inches tall, Based on the popular series. an original re-interpretation of the character.

Shipping : Early June 2024

Note : (Being an old model, the box doesn’t include artwork)

3 reviews for White Unicorn (2024 lot PREORDER, read notes)

  1. Jlow

    Can’t wait to own this one. :3

    Ponymon gotta catch em all. XD

  2. Stellar (verified owner)

    Just got one myself. She’s really cute and sexy looking especially with her shiny black lingerie. ;3 I was wondering why she’s not wearing her signature turquoise eyeshadow but anyhow that is something minor I noticed. ^^;

    Otherwise she looks absolutely stunning I love her. :3

  3. veyronboy (verified owner)

    She arrived today and just like Fluttershy i absolutely love her, I couldn’t be happier with her.
    I look forward to the next pony you do in the future. 🙂

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