Amy Rouge (New Lot, read note)

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Exclusive Amy Rose with Rouge’s flair, in a bold 6-inch, hand-painted resin figure for the ultimate Sonic collection. A must for elegance and iconic style lovers.

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Discover the elegance and charm of Amy Rose as never before, in an exclusive edition that merges her charisma with the seductive style of Rouge the Bat. This collectible figure, meticulously sculpted in premium resin and hand-painted with exquisite detail, stands out for its attractive curves and dazzling pose. With an approximate height of 6 inches, this unique piece aligns perfectly with the other dolls in our acclaimed collection of Sonic characters, promising not only to complete your set but to elevate it. A true work of art for collectors and fans of the Sonic universe, where femininity and strength meet in perfect harmony!

NOTE : The color of the arms is wrong in the previews, the final figure will have the correct color

New Lot : Shipping late May/Early June 2024


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