Dive into the Digimon world with this 17 cm Gatomon figure. Showcasing her feminine allure and champion spirit, this hand-painted resin piece is perfect for any collection.

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“Embark on an adventure with the charming and powerful Gatomon with this unique collectible figure! Standing at 17 cm tall, this figure captures the feminine allure and athletic figure of the iconic Digimon, highlighting her defined curves. Despite her compact size, our Gatomon is a true champion, showcased by her battle-ready gloves. Carefully hand-painted, every detail of this resin figure reflects Gatomon’s bravery and independent spirit, from her striped white fur to the spark of courage in her eyes. Don’t miss the chance to add this playful, yet always battle-ready kitty to your collection!”

Shipping Date : 25th May 2023


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