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Unveil the irresistible figure of Amy Rose, the charming pink hedgehog from the popular video game universe. Standing 16 cm tall, this hand-painted figure perfectly captures Amy’s essence, from her flirtatious and confident gaze to her action-ready stance with her iconic Piko Piko Hammer. Her signature red dress highlights and celebrates her curves in a stylish and sophisticated way, adding an extra appeal to her lively personality. This special edition of Amy is a real treasure for Sonic lovers and collectors, honoring her legacy in the saga. Don’t miss this opportunity to add the charming and seductive Amy to your collection! A tribute to her charisma and charm, perfect for those who appreciate high-quality design and attention to detail.


1 review for Pink Hedgehog

  1. DarkMatter (verified owner)

    I got this figure by itself in the mail recently and only just took it out of the box and put it together.
    I absolutely love the little box with the printed slip cover. The lovely angles on the pictures and description of the figure gives it just the little boost in authenticity that I like for something I spent a couple hundred USD on.
    The figure itself is separated in pieces and is very very carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and taped to make sure the individual pieces didn’t rattle around and get damaged in shipping, which I always very much appreciate from FurrySculptures. I noticed that some pieces like the Hammer and the Stand have a glossy finish that I really like for this figure. Just gives the hammer and stand a nice shine. Everything is well painted without any spots. Just looks very clean.
    After some fiddling, I finally got the figure put together. I haven’t glued it yet, but that’s also because I’m not careful enough to super glue it at the right angle on the first go. The hammer, dress, and leg pieces are particularly very tricky to angle just right so that they fit together properly, so I don’t want to mess up my work, hah!
    The figure is very pretty and sexy and looks absolutely wonderful on my shelf. Glad I finally got an Amy figure from you!

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