Pink Hedgehog White Panties (P.H.3)

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Releasing 8 new Amy figures. .same scale as usual (around 5.5 to 6 inches)

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4 reviews for Pink Hedgehog White Panties (P.H.3)

  1. key_ohki (verified owner)

    This piece was much bigger then I imagined from the pictures. Everything fits perfectly and o love her.

  2. miktmak (verified owner)

    I love this model of Amy. And when I saw her lookin fine in 3D printed form I had to have her. The quality is superb, and very much worth the asking price of $70.
    One small nitpick, her nose was not painted black. But an easy fix with some model paint and a steady hand. The paint job other then that is Excellent! I’m not complaining at all.

  3. T. easter (verified owner)

    these figures are nice sized for the price, I picked up a few including amy, and so far enjoying each one. Can’t wait to add blaze to my collection, and looking forward to future figures

  4. T. easter (verified owner)

    Very nice figure, worth the $, can’t wait for blaze(preordered). looking forward to future projects

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