Sexy Bat in Lingerie (6.5″ figure)

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6.5 Inches, In the same scale of the previously released Amy Rose and Blaze figures, here comes the sexy Rouge.

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10 reviews for Sexy Bat in Lingerie (6.5″ figure)

  1. Ian Atwell (verified owner)

    This was the first figure I got from furry sculptures, and I have to say i’m impressed. The detail of it is perfect, definitely recommending.

  2. Ian Atwell (verified owner)

    This was my first sculpture I bought from furry sculptures, and I have to say I’m very impressed and satisfied. The sculpture came in safe packaging, and the rouge looks very beautifully detailed.

  3. digitaldomain (verified owner)

    Figure came reasonably quick. Parts were all intact and nothing seemed scuffed. Looked really nice once assembled. Worth the buy if you’re lucky to snag one of these.

  4. key_ohki (verified owner)

    Beautiful figure with an impressive wing span. Sigguest fitting the wings first before trying to glue them in place to have a better idea of how they set

  5. RadioactiveSoup (verified owner)

    After looking around for a professionally made furry figurine, I finally found the one. For a figurine made from scratch, it is extremely well made and detailed. The creator is also very optimistic to help you with any problems with shipping.

  6. xetex (verified owner)

    great sexy figure as always, impressed with wings

  7. WildFire-18

    This was the first time buying from Furry Sculptures and I am super impressed 😀 This figure is super sexy! I love it! I’m guttered I missed out on Amy and Blaze! Figures cross they get re-released 🙂

  8. DarkMatter (verified owner)

    Just got mine in the mail and she looks fantastic! So detailed and she’s much bigger in person than I imagined! I’ll definitely look forward to getting more figures in the future!

  9. dis doe have some good sculpting on this doe.

  10. D

    This figurine needs more rep, for reals.

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