Releasing Rainbowpony!

Discover our exclusive Rainbow Dash figure, now accentuated with voluptuous curves and adorned with elegant lingerie that captures her bold and vibrant personality. This 7.5-inch piece, crafted from high-quality resin, stands out with its meticulously hand-painted design. A perfect blend of Rainbow Dash’s fearless essence with a chic touch for your collection. Don’t miss out on this limited edition!.

Important: The figure comes in simple pieces to assemble, we recommend using a single drop of superglue per part to keep the figure rigid and prevent it from breaking in an accident.

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Release date : Mid September 2023

Mushroom Princess!

Rediscover Mushroom Princess in a seductive and flirty version. This limited edition figure, dressed in delicate pink lingerie, exudes an unparalleled sophistication and sensuality. Her finely sculpted curves and suggestive pose radiate a magnetic appeal that captures the essence of her feminine charm A touch of glamour and adventure further beautifies this iconic princess. Ideal for those who appreciate beauty and strength in perfect harmony.

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Mushroom Princess Released!

Introducing a seductive and flirty Mushroom Princess figure, exuding sophistication and charm with delicate pink lingerie, sculpted curves, and magnetic appeal. Ideal for those who appreciate beauty and strength in perfect harmony.

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Releasing Nicole

Meet Nicole  – the captivating feline matriarch who effortlessly blends allure, strength, and motherhood. With her luxurious blue fur and a figure that turns heads, this enticing interpretation of everyone’s favorite cartoon mom is designed for the discerning adult collector. Nicole’s enchanting appeal isn’t just in her caring nature, but also in her irresistible feminine charms. Experience the sultry side of The Amazing World of G. like never before with this seductive, exclusive collectible.

Note : Topless figure (NSFW), Resin made, 18 cm height.

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