Lola Bunny 30cm Status

Due to a combination of tragic luck (as many of my followers must know, I have lost 4 family members in just one month) and also a miscalculation on my part (larger figures demand more work time, and it is the first time we launched such a big figure on our page). The first batch of 30cm figures is ready and will be shipped next week, the second batch of 20cm figures is scheduled to be ready the first week of June. Those who bought both versions will have to wait for the second one to come out since the shipping is unique for both. Thank you very much for understanding, here are some pictures of the figures already ready:
P.S. There are only 3 figures left in pre-sale, we haven’t even advertised on Pal’s page, so if you want a copy, hurry up.

Boobie Bat! (4 Available)

I totally forgot about this, More than a year ago I was commissioned to making a figure of Rouge showing boobs, I did 5 figures ( Because for production purposes is not convenient for me to produce a single one).. It was planned to be announced on March 2020, but the pandemia closed the postal service for months and I just forgot), These are FDM (plastic) figures like all our sonic figures before the latest Blazee, and i’ll sell it to the old price.

Photos are NSFW, If you want to see her :

I’ll not put these on the store for now.. in case you’re interested please email me to