Angel (From “Little Tails”)

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Angel from the webcomic “Little Tails” by Bbmbbf, , this is a a 5 Inches figure, same scale than the previouly released Annie figure,

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2 reviews for Angel (From “Little Tails”)

  1. Yerai

    Todavía no la he comprado pero cuando pueda me pillaré una o dos de bbmbbf ?

  2. Kodi Shadowpaw

    Angel is a super cute cub and Little Tails is a great comic but as much of a furry as I am I can not justify spending $70 on a small figurine.
    I’m also obsessed with Legend of Zelda but have never spent more then $50 on a toy or collectable from Nintendo.
    I would love to support you but I just cannot afford something as much as my electric bill.

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