Roxy Howler (2nd Lot, read details)

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Meet Roxy Howler, seductively posed on a stool with a mesmerizing gaze. This 7-inch resin figure is meticulously hand-painted, capturing her bold curves and captivating presence. Perfect for collectors who crave allure and charm.

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NOTE! : 1st Lot is sold out!,  Due to the rapid success in sales, we decided to produce a small additional batch to be shipped in late August 2024

Dive into the tantalizing world of Roxy Howler, the sultry animatronic from a popular video game. Perched provocatively on a stool, her alluring gaze and bold stance draw you into her realm of intrigue and allure. With voluptuous curves and a daring attitude, Roxy epitomizes the perfect blend of danger and attraction.

This 7-inch collectible figure, crafted in resin and meticulously hand-painted, captures every detail of her wild beauty. Ideal for discerning collectors, Roxy Howler not only adorns but also ignites the imagination with her bold and captivating presence. Let Roxy take your fantasies to new heights of intensity and seduction, as she rules the night with her unparalleled charm.

Material : Handpainted Resin

Size : 6 inches aprox



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